Today is 25th and is exactly one month since I’ve published my first post! At the beginning I had little to no expectations, then a few people liked what I wrote, then a few subscribed and I thought that maybe… maybe I could keep it going. Then I set my goal to reach 50 followers […]

This is literally my favourite time of the day – coming home and taking all my make up off. I just live for this moment – I find it to be so fulfilling and refreshing. To me, it means that the day is over and I can finally award myself a peaceful rest. Who doesn’t […]

I’ve been planing these series of posts for quite a long time, and now I’m so excited to finally share with you the first part! I’m going to write about several different ways to ‘make money on the internet’ or ‘get free make up sent to your door’. All of the ways I’ll be talking […]

Like I promised (and I keep my promises), Friday will be a Make up look day (or maybe Thursday, I don’t like waiting.. tell me in the comments what you think about that!). The stars of the day will be the Benefit – they’re real! Double the lip in shade Lusty rose and Model CO […]

Hey everyone, Initially this post was scheduled for tomorrow, but I got my box today and was SO excited that I couldn’t just wait any longer. This is my first ever box that I receive from any brand and I must say that I was a little bit surprised by its size. I honestly was […]